Course Description

Let’s face it: Being a mom is hard, and it takes a ton of energy! In Secrets of an Energized Mama, The Yoga Mom Keya Williams reveals a secret energy source that will make you a more focused, patient and even more productive mom. Here’s a hint: It’s been hiding inside of you all along.

Keya’s approach to motherhood is rooted in yogic principles of self-care and mindfulness. In this book, she provides practical applications that will fit right into your busy mom planner. Her step-by-step guide to energizing your life includes:

  • Simple yogic breathing exercises to boost energy immediately
  • Energized Mama Jedi Mind Hacks to manage stress and promote inner peace
  • Mindfulness tools for Mommy stress relief
  • Yoga poses for relaxation and how to fit them into your busy day

You don’t have to be a yogini, have the perfect pair of yoga pants, or even have ever practiced yoga to use this book. Keya breaks down her three-part formula into very easy, practical tips that only require a few minutes, a quiet space (the closet will do in a pinch) and your mind. This book will give you the tools of self-care that will allow you to take care of yourself, even in the realistic chaos of your everyday mom life.  

Written like a heartfelt email from your very best mom friend, Secrets of an Energized Mama, is down-to-earth, honest and funny.  No matter what phase of motherhood you’re in, you do have the power within you to become the peaceful, patient and energized mama of your dreams.

Yoga Mama Meditation Teacher

Keya Williams, MS, CYT

Who Is this Mama?I’m Keya! A mom of three crazy kids, wife and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant. I work with moms everyday who tell me they feel like they don’t have enough time to spend with their family. They feel like failures as moms because they don’t think they’re doing enough things or the right things. And my job as their yoga teacher, is to offer them strategies that give them perspective. To help them find space and tools to take care of themselves more so that they can have the mental and emotional space to enjoy their families!And these tools are just what you'll learn and practice in every one of the digital programs you'll find here!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter One

    • The Three Pillars of Ultimate Health For Everyone (Especially Moms)

  • 3

    Part I

    • Your Body

  • 4

    Chapter Two

    • Your Body Really Is Your Temple, So Honor

  • 5

    Chapter Three

    • Movement Is The Energized Mama's Biggest Secret

  • 6

    Chapter Four

    • Eat Like Your Life Depends On It, Because It Does

  • 7

    Part II

    • Your Mind

  • 8

    Chapter Five

    • It's All In Your Head

  • 9

    Chapter Six

    • The Energized Mama's Preventative Stress Management Plan

  • 10

    Chapter Seven

    • When Our Relationships Thrive, So Do We

  • 11

    Chapter Eight

    • Your Spiritual Life Is The Beginning & The End To Your Well-Being

  • 12

    Part III

    • Making This All Practical For A Busy Modern Mom

  • 13

    Chapter Nine

    • Yoga Is A Pragmatic Practice

  • 14

    Chapter Ten

    • The Yamas

  • 15

    Chapter Eleven

    • The Niyamas

  • 16

    Chapter Twelve

    • Asana

  • 17

    Chapter Thirteen

    • Peace And Patience Are In The Breath

  • 18

    Chapter Fourteen

    • Pratyahara & Concentration

  • 19

    Chapter Fifteen

    • The Art And Science Of Being In Meditation

  • 20

    Chapter Sixteen

    • Bliss! Is That Even Possible For Moms?

  • 21

    Author's Bio

    • Meet the Yoga Mama