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When we are busy and short on time, stress and tension have a way of building up. Emotionally we feel burned out, overwhelmed and irritable. Physically, our bodies may feel achy, tired and stiff.

Over time if we continue to feel this kind of stress, our body begins to break down. 

Research shows us that the long term effects of chronic stress include:

  1. Low energy
  2. Headaches
  3. Upset stomach and indigestion
  4. Chest pain and rapid heartbeat
  5. Insomnia
  6. Frequent colds and infections
  7. Loss of sexual desire or ability

Let’s just say that being emotionally stressed out, as we moms sometimes are, can cause a bunch of unwanted physical problems.

So what’s a busy mama to do?

Well turns out there a simple and low cost ways to combat mommy stress.

One no-cost stress remedy is RELAXATION.

Now I’m not just talking about getting away to a sunny beach (although that would be effective too), I’m talking about taking a very deliberate 15 minutes to systematically relax your body.

Since many of stress’s symptoms show up in your body, it only makes sense that we meet it where it lives, in the body!

Taking just 15 minutes to thoroughly relax your body can have huge benefits for a busy lady like yourself:

  1. Relaxation reduces muscular tension
  2. Relaxation calms the nervous system and so, when practiced regularly reduces blood pressure and heart rate
  3. Relaxation increases your energy and focus! Cause its awesome not to have mommy brain!
  4. Relaxation, when practiced regularly, frees up your bodies energy that it usually uses to react to stressful situations, to fight those pesky infections like colds and flu.
  5. Relaxation, especially when practiced right before bed, can help you get better sleep! YAY!

And this is EXACTLY what this 15 minute Guided Progressive Relaxation Audio will help you achieve in your mom life.

No more guessing about if you are doing it right - because I'll guide you through every step.

No worries about having Itunes or Google Play or any other audio playing system because you can stream it right on this platform OR download it to your device to listen to offline!

Are you ready to feel like the peaceful, patient and calm mama you've always imagined yourself to be?

Click below to get your Guided Progressive Relaxation Audio now!

Yoga Mama Meditation Teacher

Keya Williams, MS, CYT

Who Is this Mama?I’m Keya! A mom of three crazy kids, wife and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant. I work with moms everyday who tell me they feel like they don’t have enough time to spend with their family. They feel like failures as moms because they don’t think they’re doing enough things or the right things. And my job as their yoga teacher, is to offer them strategies that give them perspective. To help them find space and tools to take care of themselves more so that they can have the mental and emotional space to enjoy their families!And these tools are just what you'll learn and practice in every one of the digital programs you'll find here!

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