Course Description

Start (or end) your busy days with these two short guided meditations. This bundle includes both a mantra style meditation, great for those of us who need a little more rhythm and structure in our day. As well as a mindfulness style meditation for when you need to let go and be easy.

Listen to them right here on the Thinkific platform or simply download them to your device to use whenever and where ever you need.

Yoga Mama Meditation Teacher

Keya Williams, MS, CYT

Who Is this Mama?I’m Keya! A mom of three crazy kids, wife and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant. I work with moms everyday who tell me they feel like they don’t have enough time to spend with their family. They feel like failures as moms because they don’t think they’re doing enough things or the right things. And my job as their yoga teacher, is to offer them strategies that give them perspective. To help them find space and tools to take care of themselves more so that they can have the mental and emotional space to enjoy their families!And these tools are just what you'll learn and practice in every one of the digital programs you'll find here!

Course curriculum

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    The Meditation Bundle

    • Mantra Meditation

    • Mindfulness Meditation