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A Simple Sanity Saving Practice For Busy Moms | taught by Keya Williams, MS, CYT

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What Every Working Mom Ought To Know To Save Her Sanity During Quarantine

Are you constantly trying to balance your work with your new role of being a homeschooling mom during this pandemic?

 Do you never seem to have time to practice that self-care that all the experts advise during this crisis?

Do you find yourself thinking about your work AND your kids school work instead of sleeping at night?

Or are you generally stressed out and overwhelmed with the "new normal" of quarantine mom life?

If you can relate to this, let me say that as a mom of three kids working a full-time job (at home now), I totally feel your pain!

While the struggle is real for all of us right now - I've been fortunate enough to have a particular set of skills that I've been using and practicing for 20 years now that actually are helping me manage this crazy time in our world!

A set of chaos-reducing, stress management skills that I teach to my young clients in my therapy sessions with them. The same skills that help my client's parents maintain their peace of mind. And yes these well practice skills are keeping me sane as I manage work as a now home -based psychotherapist and home schooling mom.

What is this skill I speak of? Well my secret energy and sanity saving resource is the 2000 year old practice of meditation.  

I’ve used my training as a Yoga Teacher, decades of yoga and meditation practice and experience working with families as a therapist to customize this broad topic and made it specifically functional just for quarantined moms like you (and me). 

What Do YOU, Quarantined Mom, Get From Meditation?

  • Teaches moms to better manage the inevitable stress that comes with managing small humans when stuck in the same place for copious amounts of time. 
  • Improves immune function (because meditation is proven to reduce stress) so you and your kiddos are better able to fend of this pesky COVID-19 virus.
  • Lessen those nagging aches and pains so you can actually get on the floor, on the bike or on the playground and play and run around with your kids. Getting outside and moving your body these days is important.
  • Improves mental focus. Hello to checking things of your work list because you can actually concentrate on it!
  • Improves physical health (lowers BP and decreases risk of heart disease, so you can have a better quality of life now and live longer to see those grand kids)

Why Free iTunes Guided Meditations Don't Work So Well

Here's the thing mama. There are as many effective and beneficial meditation techniques as there are people on the planet. There are just so many ways to get your meditation peace and calm on. However! What makes this program so different than those other meditation courses is that you'll focus on the things that keep you off your cushion in the first place. 

You see, we're moms. And most of us know exactly what we need to do. We can research meditation online with the best of them. We can buy guided meditation practices on itunes all the days of our lives. But there is just one problem. We don't make our meditation practice a consistent habit because we haven't dealt with the obstacles that stand in our way. 

What are these obstacles?

First there is the issue of time, space and support. 

Where in a noisy house with kids, dogs and the rest of it are we going to find a quiet spot and a quiet time to meditate? 

And when you want to fall off the mediation wagon, who can you turn to motivate you back to doing what's best for you? 

We'll tackle these three obstacles in our very first week of this course.

Some other common obstacles for moms is dealing with the chatter in our own heads when we finally slow down. 

And what about those subtle aches and pains you feel when you're still but you didn't even notice when you're moving about? 

Yeah, those are things that keep you from sticking with a meditation practice and I'll teach you some tried and true strategies to get passed them. 

Finally there are BIG obstacles that if ignored will keep you off your meditation cushion forever! All those big uncomfortable feelings, like resentment, anger, shame, guilt and in these times uncertainty, that come up when you're not doing something in service of the ones you love. 

What do you do with the mom guilt you feel for taking time to yourself? Or the resentment you feel for your spouse for not helping as much? Or the uncertainty you feel about when things will go back to normal?

Yes we're human and we don't like to feel those negative ways. So in this course I'll walk you through a few simple strategies that help you deal with the negative feelings when they come up and how to move them out of the way so that you can have a peaceful meditation!

I'm Here To Show You How To Make This Sanity Saving Practice Work In Your REAL Mom Life

Oh so you think you have to spend time in a mountain top cave to meditate?

Umm not so much mama! This is one of the big myths about meditation and it couldn't be farther from the truth. The thing that makes a meditation practice so practical for busy moms is that it absolutely does fit into real life, with real kids and real obligations.

Keya Williams, MS, CYT
Keya Williams, MS, CYT
Yoga Mama Meditation Teacher

Who Is this Mama?

I’m Keya! A mom of three crazy kids, the author of Secrets of an Energized Mama and a Therapist. I work with kids and families everyday that struggle with the stress and uncertainty of the world and moms who are at their wits end to manage it all.

Over the years I have used my formal training in mindfulness and yoga as well as my background in psychology to help my clients, students (and myself) manage the stressors that are a part of everyday life. These skills are simple, practical and much needed in these times of global pandemic and crisis to help you stay sane and healthy.


Here’s the thing mama! I never guarantee that you will like me or any of my products or programs. Why? Because, choosing a yoga or meditation teacher is a highly personal thing and I realize that some folks like my style and other folks don’t.

And that’s okay!

What I do guarantee, however, is that if this meditation program is NOT your cup of tea, then I will refund all of your money within 30 days of your purchase. We’ll simply part as friends, no questions asked!

Here's what you'll get in this exclusive moms-only, sanity-saving meditation course!

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